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An adventurous trip along Italian, Spanish and French hidden roads, driving a rickshaw,
The Gira is also a powerful tool designed for a “social and local” communication. Made for Companies looking for new ways to reinforce or

reposition their brands.

Winner of the 2015 prize "Il Coraggio di Innovare" and the 2016 prize "Enrico Gasperini" as Best Digital Media Startup @ the NC Digital Awards.

Future Fashion - DIS - Design Italian Shoes
The leading 3D Commerce AR/VR SAAS B2B Solutions provider for every product manufacturer.
Design Italian Shoes enables you to create your very own #customised shoes,100% Made in Italy!

Step 1: Go to and start being yourself! Create your style!
Step2: Purchase
Step 3: Wait for your shoes to be handcrafted by DIS artisans in the Marche shoes district. 
Be different, Be Yourself! #wearDIS


The leading platform for short movies for movie lovers.



Queuing in a public office, hospital, university or shop while sitting on the couch at home or at a table in a bar? Now it's possible, thanks to Qurami, an innovative technology solution that permits users to remotely reserve a spot in line through a mobile application that interacts with all existing types of electronic ticketing machines. With Qurami users are able to see in real time the exact number of people in line, the estimated waiting time and they are notified when their turn is approaching. All these features in a free and easy-to-use app.


IInstilla develops technologies for Conversion Marketing to optimize  lead generation processes, with a particular focus on SEO , Local SEO and Direct Conversion Marketing.

Global Startup Expo

The Global Startup Expo is the first on-line fair in the world dedicated to Startups. With an interactive platform, the fair is an innovative experience where attendees can explore new technologies, connect with investors, learn about incubators and crowdfunding possibilities while networking with peers, professionals, and press!

PRESSO is an innovative showroom/events format for top brand designers and design lovers.


Ricompro operates as a trade-in sell-out operator in the premium mobile terminal business.

Smart Cloth - Sedicidodici

This is an innovative and unique in vitro device that provides, just in few minutes, a semi quantitative dynamic analysis of platelets aggregation and fibrin formation with far greater accuracy than presently possible on the market.


Leading restaurant booking service - Sold to Tripadvisor - now The FORK

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